Back in April I got the chance to work with Series Producer Seb Illis to help showcase the talent of six up-and-coming wildlife camera operators.  We wanted to put together a team of operators that are using a range of consumer cameras and lenses (occasionally second camera on professional cameras like RED and FS7) with incredible results.

Together they form The One Show: New Breed Crew and over the year they will get the chance to work with our PD team to shoot a number of our natural history segments.  I interviewed each of them asking them about where their passion for wildlife started, their chosen specialisms and how that influences their camera set up and what really motivates them to get up at dawn on a freezing cold day to capture that crucial shot.

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It was logistically tricky to get the team together in one location so myself and researcher/ sound operator extraordinaire, Abi Brown/ Fearne Corrigon, travelled to 4 locations from Bristol to the Lake District. The interviews were shot on an FS7 using Canon EF lenses & an eye-line mirror box to get that intimate down the lens feel.

Follow their filming adventures:

Hamza Yassin
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Tom Hartwell
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Sam Oakes
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Clare Jones
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Louis Labrom
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Yuzuru Masuda
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